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GreenStar Live Update

The GreenStar Live Update is a desktop software application that will help you make sure your GreenStar (GS) display always has the latest software from John Deere ISG. To install GS Live Update, click on the link below, and follow the on-screen prompts.
Once installed, it will alert you when new GreenStar software updates are available, and walk you through the downloading process.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Save a copy of the files from your flash card to your PC, and make sure all files are downloaded to your desktop software.
  2. Run the GS Live Update to copy the update to the flash card / USB device.
  3. Insert the DataCard / USB device into the display and follow the instructions on the screen.

  GreenStar Live Update September 2015
Download GreenStar Live Update

GreenStar 3 2630
GreenStar 2 2100/2600
GreenStar 2 1800

Version: 3.30.1232
Version: 2.8.1033
Version: 2.14.1036
  Release Notes  


You will find an overview of the latest Software Versions in the Release Notes document.

Software Update Archive


To ensure that your GS display will update successfully, please verify that your display currently has the following software version installed:

GS3 2630 - version 3.30.1232 or newer
GS2 2600 / 2100 – version 2.8.1033 or newer
GS2 1800 – version 2.14.1036 or newer

If the software version is a smaller number, please contact your dealer. To determine the currently installed software version, select Menu » Display » Diagnostics » About and reference the Application Software Build number.


Before starting the update, please unplug ALL implements from the ISOBUS- (or implement-) connector at the back of the tractor.
The only implements currently updated via GS LiveUpdate are:
- GS2 Rate Controller
- SeedStar II
- Air Cart
- John Deere Active Implement Guidance
- John Deere Implement Detection

If you need to update one of the above listed implements/controllers, leave it connected to the ISOBUS socket.

N-Sensing activation procedure

For a N-Sensing activation please contact your local John Deere dealer.

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