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AutoTrac Universal 200

ATU Steering Kit The AutoTrac™ Universal (ATU) Steering Kit 200 is a mobile guidance solution that will bring additional productivity to farming operations throughout the growing season. The ATU 200 operates with hundreds of equipment platforms using all levels of StarFire™ accuracy. What’s more, this kit can moved to multiple vehicles to help operators of older John Deere and non-John Deere machines realize the value of automatic guidance.

Key Features of the AutoTrac Universal Steering Kit include:

  • Easy installation, easy to move between vehicles, and easy to use
  • Uses GreenStar™ components and AutoTrac software
  • Works with the Original or GreenStar™ 2 system
  • Uses AutoTrac SF1, SF2 or AutoTrac RTK satellite signal

General AutoTrac Universal Information

What is needed for a complete AutoTrac Universal System?

AutoTrac Universal platform look-up

AutoTrac Universal should only be used on vehicles approved by John Deere. Below is the link to view AutoTrac Universal Approved Platforms for both the original AutoTrac Universal Steering Kit and the AutoTrac Universal Steering Kit 200.

CAUTION: AutoTrac Universal Steering Kit and AutoTrac Universal Steering Kit 200 are not approved to be installed on machines without a cab.

  • John Deere does not endorse the installation of AutoTrac Universal on any vehicle outside of the approved list by John Deere

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