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Operator Manuals & Users Guides

Below is a listing of the current Operator Manuals & User Guides.
The manuals and guides are in PDF format and will require Adobe® Reader®

Product/Manual English Français Español
GreenStar™ 3 2630 System
Operator's Manual OMPFP11075    
User Guide PFP11104 PFP11107 PFP11124
Surface Water Pro PFP11104    
GreenStar™ 2 2600 System
GS2 Basic OMPFP10231 OMPFP10234 OMPFP10246
Surface Water Pro™ OMPC21751 OMPC21752 OMPC21753
GS2 Guidance OMPFP10255 OMPFP10258 OMPFP10270
GreenStar 2 1800 System
GreenStar 2 1800 OMPFP11235 OMPFP11238 OMPFP11255
GreenStar Applications OMPFP10555 OMPFP10558 OMPFP10574
GreenStar Lightbar
GreenStar Lightbar OMZ106029 OMZ106030 OMZ106033
ATU OMPC21578 OMPC21581 OMPC21584
AutoTrac™ Controller (ATC)
ATC OMPC21566 OMPC21567 OMPC21568
iTEC™ Pro
iTEC Pro OMPC21754 OMPC21755 OMPC21757
iGuide OMPFP10808 OMPFP10809 OMPFP10814
iSteer OMPFP10862 OMPFP10863 OMPFP10864
iGrade OMPFP11262 OMPFP11264 OMPFP11266
GPS Components
Starfire iTC™ and RTK OMPC21514 OMPC21515 OMPC21517
Starfire™ 300 OMPC21835 OMPC21508 OMPC21509
Starfire™ 3000 OMPFP11008 OMPFP11011 OMPFP11024
StarFire RTK 900 and 450 MHz OMPFP10776 OMPFP10777 OMPFP10778
JDLink / Service ADVISOR™ Remote OMPFP10493 OMPFP10494 OMPFP10499
Desktop Software
Apex User Guide User Guide User Guide
Apex Quick Setup Guide Quick Setup    
Surface Water Pro™ (for Apex) User Guide User Guide User Guide
Original GreenStar
Original GreenStar Guidance OMPC20699 OMPC20700 OMPC20702
SPFH Harvest Doc OMPC20251 OMPC20252  
SPFH Harvest Mon OMZ102700 OMZ102702  
Harvest Doc OMPC20512   OMPC20514
Field Doc with MBP OMPC20437 OMPC20438 OMPC20439
Field Doc Addendum PF11715 PF11715 PF11715
Combine Yield Systems OMPC20216    
DataStore PF11578    
GreenStar Rate Controller
Rate Controller OMPFP10673 OMPFP10674 OMPFP10675
AutoTrac RowSense™
AutoTrac RowSense OMPC21407 OMPC21408 OMPC21409
AutoTrac RowSense Universal OMPC21474 OMPC21475 OMPC21477
Stationary Kit User Guide OMZ104258    
GS2 HarvestLab/SPFH OMZ200337 OMZ200338 OMZ200340
GS2 HarvestLab/SPFH Addendum Addendum Addendum Addendum

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